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Advertising Compliance Service
Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Roxbury, NJ, 10/01/11 - JLCom Publishing Co., L.L.C. proudly announces that its flagship Newsletter/Reference Service, Advertising Compliance Service, recently celebrated a major milestone - its 30th Anniversary. Advertising Compliance Service has been an authoritative, comprehensive source of time-saving information and analysis in advertising law since its launch in 1981. "Advertising Compliance Service has been providing its subscribers authoritative and important information in 27 key areas impacting advertising law for the past 30 years." So said John Lichtenberger, Advertising Compliance Service's Publisher and Editor in Chief. "We look forward to 2012 when we plan to launch Advertising Compliance Service: PDF Version."

The remainder of this News Release briefly lists comments from several of the leading attorneys in the advertising law field.

"ACS is the most timely, well-written and useful resource I know of for advertising law and self-regulatory developments and issues. I always look forward to the next issue and put it on top of my 'must read' materials. It's obvious that the publisher is committed to keep ACS fresh, accurate and relevant for those who need to understand and keep up with the always-changing field of advertising compliance."

Stephen R. Bergerson


Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Minneapolis, MN

Editorial Advisory Board Member

Former Member of NARB

"Advertising Compliance Service is invaluable. It provides a wealth of timely and important information. It's a must-read for any lawyer who is advising clients on advertising and marketing issues."

"The laws governing advertising and marketing are constantly changing. I have relied on Advertising Compliance Service for many years to help keep me informed about new developments. It's an important tool for anyone practicing in this area."

Jeffrey A. Greenbaum


Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, PC

New York, New York

"For more than 25 years, Advertising Compliance Service has been on the cutting edge of the advertising and marketing industries, reporting legal developments for those who need to be fully informed. Whether the issues have arisen at a regulatory agency in Washington, at the NAD in New York, or in a courtroom in California or around the country, Advertising Compliance Service has provided concise and current reporting. Generations of leaders in industry owe much to you. Congratulations."


David S. Versfelt


Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham LLP

N.Y., NY 10022

On ACS Editorial Board;

Counsel to American Association of Advertising Agencies, Inc.


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