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Advertising Compliance Service Launches
in PDF Format

Roxbury, NJ, 03/19/12 - JLCom Publishing Co., L.L.C. has launched a new version of its flagship service in PDF format. ACS has been in existence in print form since 1981 and is still available in that format. If you are familiar with ACS in print but were waiting for it to become available in digital form, the wait is over.

The new format retains all of the benefits of the print format and adds these exciting new capabilities:

Increased Timeliness. Now, each issue is even more timely than ever, reaching your email inbox at the speed of the Internet! There's no more waiting for the postal service to deliver the latest issue - it's there when you want it and when you need it!

Clickable Links. Each issue contains numerous clickable Internet links to timely and informative articles, news items, cases, rules, regulations, administrative decisions, social media commentary, and much, much more. This new format opens up a vast new world of advertising law-related information to our subscribers - available instantly.

Key Word Search Capability. Each timely issue is key word searchable in your Adobe Reader. Now, you can search each issue and instantly find every instance of the key word you're looking for!

Index and Tables. Our comprehensive topical index and periodically updated Tables of Federal Trade Commission decisions, NAD/NARB decisions, and advertising law cases have helped our print subscribers find that decision, case or topic quickly since 1982! Now, the index and tables in PDF format are much more powerful, placing the vital information you need at your fingertips instantly!

Social Media Commentary and Information. Our new format enables us to deliver a wide range of pertinent and useful information culled from a variety of social media sources. John Lichtenberger, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Advertising Compliance Service has a carefully cultivated list of over 11,000 followers on Twitter. He also enjoys the professional interaction on Facebook with his 1,500+ friends, 700+ friends on Google+ and 500+ professional connections on LinkedIn - largely within the legal community. This enables us to provide a wealth of timely and pertinent information from an exceptionally broad range of sources. Our expert's eye view of this extremely important resource is an increasingly important tool in the busy attorney's toolbox.

Print What You Need, When You Need It. There are times when nothing is quite like print. An added benefit of our PDF version is that you can print out just those articles, or individual pages, you need, when you need them - at home or on the road.

The requirement to comply with advertising law remains a fact of life and advertisers will continue to have to comply with the plethora of advertising laws, rules, regulations and guidelines. Let Advertising Compliance Service - now in PDF format - help you comply with advertising law's increasingly strict and complex demands. In this increasingly fast-paced world, perspective is more important than ever. So whatever the changes in the landscape of advertising law will be, Advertising Compliance Service will be there with expert coverage and analysis instantly.

For additional information on Advertising Compliance Service, visit Your free preview of Advertising Compliance Service: PDF is found here.

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