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The Internet is quickly becoming the main source for many consumers when they buy products that range from books to health and beauty products, from pet supplies to office supplies, and many other products. Accordingly, it is more important than ever to keep up-to-date on the latest consumer protection information. This page contains information about identity theft, children's privacy, protection against Internet fraud, and other areas. While recent reports indicate that growth in online sales may have dropped in certain categories, it is nevertheless important to stay informed. Accordingly, the following are web sites that provide important consumer protection information:

Advertising Compliance Service has provided an online Sample Issue which originally appeared in Advertising Compliance Service in Bulletin #611, dated February 5, 2007. (For a a much more recent online sample issue - from 2012 - click here now. Here's what Issue #611 contained (Click on each topic to read):

The following are the titles of the articles that appeared in that Issue (Click on any article to read the full text of that particular article):

Additional Information

Interactive Advertising-Related Websites

Interactive Advertising Board - Email Guidelines
These guidelines are designed "to bolster confidence among consumers, marketers, and agencies regarding the industry's email practices".

Interactive Advertising Defined
Wikipedia defines "Interactive Advertising" in part as "the use of interactive media to promote and/or influence the buying decisions of the consumer in an online and offline environment. Interactive advertising can utilise media such as the Internet, interactive television, mobile devices (WAP and SMS), as well as kiosk-based terminals."

Center for Interactive Advertising
This website contains studies and resources for students, practitioners and scholars of advertising, marketing and persuasive communication who are interested in "critical issues related to interactive advertising, computer-mediated communication and electronic commerce".

Journal of Interactive Advertising
You will find at this website an online "refereed journal for research on interactive advertising, marketing and communication".

Interactive Advertising Articles
You will find interesting and informative articles involving interactive advertising at this website.

Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)
The IAC Awards honor excellence in online advertising. Entries may be submitted by advertising and interactive agencies or corporate marketing departments worldwide.

Other Business Opportunity and MLM-Related Websites

MLM Legal. MLM Legal contains interesting articles and information about legal developments affecting the Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales Industry. For example, the site contains a page devoted to FTC's Proposed Business Opportunity Rule Resources and Analysis.

Business Opportunity Defined. Wikipedia defines business opportunity - or biz-op - in part as involving "the sale or lease of any product, service, equipment, etc. that will enable the purchaser-licensee to begin a business."

Business Opportunities Weblog. A moderated list of business opportunities for entrepreneurs that includes chronological archives and extensive links.

Net Based Business Opportunities Pamphlet. Website provides full-text of government publication concerning Net Based Business Opportunities and links to additional information on MLMs and business opportunities.

Business Opportunity Resources. FTC has extensive page links to websites of other organizations, including links to state information, Franchise and Business Opportunity FAQs, North American Securities Administrators Association, and more. Web pages devoted to home based business and at home business opportunities, including information and articles on legal issues, zoning issues, home based basics, how-to guides, home based business ideas, and more.

Business Opportunity Information. Articles, examples, links.

Multilevel Marketing Plans - Online Pamphlet. Website provides full-text of government publication concerning Multilevel Marketing Plans plus links to additional information on MLMs.

Ten Big Lies of Multilevel Marketing. Critical article discussing MLMs.

Pro-MLM Website. Website lists state and federal regulatory sites and MLM attorneys.

TRUTH ON MLM. MLM research, statistics, law enforcement, news, articles, case studies, and more.

What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?. Web site that's devoted to Anti-MLM resources, cases and information.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). The main thesis of this site is that MLMs were once legitimate, but now are scams.

Business Opportunities in Internet Marketing. Many Useful Links.

Advertising Law-Related Articles

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