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A federal district court Judge granted FTC's request and issued a Preliminary Injunction and Asset Freeze, temporarily banning an infomercial saleswoman from promoting her "Sable Hair Farming System" or any other baldness remedy, and from misrepresenting the benefits, performance or efficacy of any product or service. She was one of eight telemarketers of self-help and health-related products promoted in infomercials whom the Commission charged in January 1998 with making false or unsubstantiated claims. Until a full trial can be concluded, the order issued by U. S. District Judge George W. Lindberg bars her from selling or assisting in the sale of any hair grower or hair loss prevention product. The order also bars her from misrepresenting material facts, including misrepresenting studies or tests; and from misrepresenting that testimonials represent the typical or ordinary experience of consumers. The Order, including the asset freeze, also apply to her companies: Sable Laboratories, Inc., Contessa Cosmetics, Inc., Contessa Basile,Inc., and Perfect People Magazine, Inc.

(Jacqueline Sable, et al., United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Civil Action No.: 98 C 0170; FTC File No. X980012; September 4, 1998.)

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