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Mortgages, Refinances - Cases and Articles

  • Mortgage Brokers Benefited from Spammer Actions: Two cases that were examined in previous issues of Advertising Compliance Service. They involved mortgage brokers who benefited from so-called "spammer" actions and a Department of Justice (DOJ) Complaint that a mortgage services company violated FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) while marketing mortgage products and services.
  • Mortgage Loan Advertised: Was Really Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Full text of "FTC: Mortgage Broker’s Deceptive Claims Tricked Consumers Looking for a Good Rate," dated June 2, 2004. This FTC case involved issues concerning refinancing (i.e., loan refinance) and false advertising.
  • Home Mortgage Refinance Services: Full text of FTC News Releases, "Colorado Mortgage Broker Barred from Making Deceptive Claims," dated March 28, 2005.
  • Home Mortgage Refinance Services: Article adapted from an article appearing in Issue #568 of Advertising Compliance Service at Tab #2, General Articles, Article #512 as part of the "Washington Roundup: A Review of Ad Actions Involving FTC."
  • Home Mortgage Company: Lawsuit Against Home Mortgage Company, Residential Refinancing Transaction, Operation Advertised 3.95% 30 Year Mortgages - Articles.
  • Telemarketer Selling Mortgage Loans, Refinancing and Other Products; "Spam Merchants" Who Allegedly Sent E-Mails Hawking Mortgage Opportunities.
  • Home Loans, Mortgage Loans, Refinance: Variety of Online Resources and Links.
  • Mortgage and Refinance Resources: Online Mortgage and Refinance Resources.


Home Loan Advertising and Credit-Related Websites


You will face numerous potential borrowing pitfalls when you search the Internet for home loans, refinance information, or, simply, the best mortgage loans available. In particular, you should carefully consider any home loan advertising that you see or read. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. The following websites:


  • provide tips for getting the best refinance deal possible,
  • warn consumers that whether a home equity loan is for home repair, bill consolidation, or some other purpose, it’s vital that you shop around.
  • provide Internet leads to help you find that mortgage loan that you seek.
  • provides consumers with the knowledge and resources to plan a successful move.
  • ...and much more.


These websites contain a wealth of information that can help you when you are shopping for a mortgage, help you avoid home equity scams, obtain information on reverse mortgages, see how the courts have handled this area, and more:






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