Advertising Compliance Service's
Many Features

     Advertising Compliance Service™ covers advertising legal developments in depth. ACS contains a wealth of important features that will be very briefly discussed on this page. To summarize, Advertising Compliance Service™ consists of the following:


     1. The foundational multi-volume reference set organized for your convenience into 26 subject categories. New subscribers receive three-volumes containing approximately 1,000 pages of past Issues already filed.


     2. 24 Information-Packed Issues annually.


     Advertising Compliance Service™ is published on the first and third Mondays of every month. Each issue of the Service contains several articles, the topics of which fall within the 26 subject headings described below. Each Issue is designed to be easily disassembled, and the articles filed behind the appropriate "tabs." The tab location for each article is printed at the top of each page of the article, so that refiling is quick and easy. In addition, complete filing instructions for each issue of Advertising Compliance Service™ appear at the end of the "Bulletin" section of the issue. (On March 19, 2007, we published our 614th Issue!).


     3. Lawyer's Reference Service


     At the end of every article* in Advertising Compliance Service™ is the "Lawyer's Reference Service," in which appear all cases (with full citations), statutes, laws, rules and regulations mentioned in the article as well as pertinent or source publications to which the author of the article has referred. (*The only exceptions are the "Roundups" which contain these references internally rather than at the end of the article.)


     4. 6 Special Reports


     Six Special Reports are sent to our subscribers during the volume year. These Reports include the full texts of:



     5. Comprehensive INDEX and numerous TABLES


     Advertising Compliance Service™ has an arsenal of research tools to make finding important topics and cases quick and easy.


     The remainder of this discussion examines the Contents of Advertising Compliance Service.


     Advertising Compliance Service™ consists of 26 separate tabs. The following is a listing of these tabs along with a brief description of the contents of each tab:


 1. Bulletins


     This tab is your starting point for all up-to-the-minute developments. It consists of four parts: (a) Our "From the Editor in Chief" section gives you an "at-a-glance" summary of the articles for the current report. (b) "Brief News of Note" gives you a quick rundown of the latest ad compliance developments. (c) Our "Calendar of Events" section--published whenever events warrant--tells you, whenever appropriate, about the important upcoming ad compliance events so you can plan whether to attend. (d) Our "Filing Instructions for Contents of this Issue" gives complete filing instructions for that particular Issue.


 2. General Articles


     Includes many highly informative articles containing exclusive interviews with key ad compliance officials. It is here where you will find such articles as “Current Trends in Advertising Law,” our "Washington Roundup" articles that regularly review the recent ad actions involving FTC, our “Roundup of Recent Ad Compliance Actions”–that regularly summarizes actions from federal courts across the U.S. affecting advertising law, and many, many more.


 3. Self-Regulation


     Explores the highly important self-regulatory aspect of the ad industry, including a regular summary and analysis of the latest decisions of the National Advertising Division, Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program, National Advertising Review Board, etc.


 4. False, Unfair, Deceptive


     Focuses on FTC's authority over "false," "unfair," and "deceptive" advertising.


 5. Substantiation


     Articles discuss the latest thinking on the important ad compliance test known as "advertising substantiation" (i.e., reasonable basis requirements, comparative effectiveness and superiority claims).


 6. Comparative Ads


     This area has grown significantly in importance over the past 30 years. A number of articles in this tab zero in on this important area.


 7. Remedies (Public)


     Remedies such as corrective advertising are discussed.


 8. Remedies (Private)


     Explores such important private law remedies as the Lanham Act.


 9. State Law


     Discusses various aspects of ad compliance activity at the state level (e.g., state unfair and deceptive practices statutes, state laws on advertising that form the basis for personal injury claims).


10. Commercial Speech


     Articles examine such important topics as the Central Hudson test, First Amendment considerations, and more.


 11. Labeling


     Articles answer such questions as, "When does your `ad' become a label?"


 12. Trademark, Copyright


     Articles offer information such as how to protect your trademark.


 13. Rights of Publicity, Privacy


     Includes a number of highly informative articles in this changing area (does an employer need to ask employees' permission to use in its ads photographs in which the employees appear?).


 14. Broadcasting


     This area has changed dramatically in recent years. Articles in this tab help explain what these changes are and how to cope with them.


 15. New Media


     Articles trace the ad compliance developments for such highly important advertising outlets as the Internet, the World Wide Web, interactive cable, wireless devices, cell phones, and many others.


 16. Children's Ads


     This tab explores the latest children's advertising compliance issues.


 17. Food, Drugs, Cosmetics


     Discusses such topics as direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs.


 18. Alcoholic Beverages


     Explores alcoholic beverage advertising and ad compliance implications.


 19. Professional Ads


     Helps professionals such as lawyers and doctors comply with the changing standards.


 20. Political Ads


     Discusses such topics as "issue ads."


 21. Sweepstakes, Contests


     Articles help clear away the legal thicket of this important area of the law.


 22. Warranties


     "Trade Groups seek to limit scope of `Puffery' Proposal" is an example of one important article that appeared in this tab.


 23. Financial Ads


     Along with banking deregulation has come a freer attitude on the part of banks and other financial institutions towards advertising. Articles explore the current deregulatory atmosphere and its impact on ad compliance.


 24. Government Standards


     While not as critical as in earlier, “activist" days, this area is still an area of concern.


 25. Business of Advertising


     Contains articles that, for example, explore the business impact of advertising on the Internet and World Wide Web.


 26. International Advertising


     Contains articles about important ad compliance developments abroad and their impact on your client’s advertising.


 27. Green Advertising


     Contains articles about important ad compliance developments affecting environmental or "green" advertising.


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